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Arabic Transilation to English?

هههههههههه الله يخوي عدوانك ماكملت المقطع؟ وش تقصد؟ انهم افريقيين؟

((((((((((((((( ومآ يلفظ من قولٍ إلآ لديـــه رقيبٌ عتيـــــد ))))))))))))))))

لانهم شله حبوش 

وشوف باقي المقاطع


2:19 هذا ابو "بيان" زمان ، جا يحج للسعوديه ولاكن لم يعد وتزوج وحده بيضا من قوم حج ولم يعد ومع مرور الزمان انجبو سآقطه اسمها بيان

لله لا يشفيك وتضل مجنون زي اللي بالفيديو

انا ابي افهم كيف تكره ناس ما تعرفهم

ياربي لا تبلانا

ياخي ما عجبك ديس لايك وانتهينا

لا اله الا الله

ضريبة النجاح وجود امثالك من المرضى النفسيين


الله يشفيك

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    hahaha god, brother, why didn't you finish the clip? what do you mean? that they're Africans?

    (Quran verse about being very careful of what you say)

    because they're a bunch of africans

    and see the rest of the clips


    this is Bayan's father, he came for pilgrimage in Saudi but didn't return and married a white girl and never came back. by time they brought a whore(?) named Bayan 2:19

    may God not cure you and you stay insane just like the one in the clip

    I'd like to understand how can you hate people you don't know?

    may god help us

    if you didn't like it brother just dislike it and we're done

    the expense of success is the presence of psychopaths like you..may God cure you

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    HAHAHAHA didnt finish the video? what do u mean? by They are africans ?

    cause they are afrcans

    watch the rest of the video


    this is "byan , long timr ago cme for haj in Saudi, but je didnt came back, and he got married to the second wife, she was white, she was from Haj family, then he didnt came back, then they had a baby, she was a Whore, they named her " bayan"

    i want to understan something, how can u hate people that u dont know them///

    ugh! dude if u didnt like it, u can just dislike it!


    there is allt of u sick like u , hope i get welll

    Source(s): Almost, am not saudi, i can tll u what exactly is writtin
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