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Arizona strange plane been fly around my town for months?

so i wanted to see if any one in arizona or any were els has been seeing a small planes circling there town or homes for an extended period of times like months on end it started after the medical marijuana thing started and it will flee in to the sun if it sees me trying to look at it with a telescope (tactics really only used in the military hopefully im just going crazy..more crazy


o yeah i live around 4 of the biggest air bases in the world but its just a simple plane i do see drones flying around but thats just normal

Update 2:

people the only thing ufo about it is i dont no the name of the plane

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  • John R
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    9 years ago
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    A local flight school may be using your area as a practice area. Student pilots spend a lot of time doing ground reference maneuvers - turns around a fixed point on the ground, S turns along a road. These are done at a relatively low altitude, roughly 1000 ft agl. If there happen to be a set of features in your area that are convenient reference points for these, a instructor might use them with every student he/she has.

    What qualifies you as a little crazy is the idea it's "fleeing into the sun" - they have no idea you are looking at it with a telescope. It's next to impossible to spot someone on the ground from most airplanes. Even from a high wing plane like a Cessna there is a huge blind spot looking downward both forward and aft. They are not fleeing - the lesson is over and they are leaving the area.

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    Well, you'r not too far from *Area*51* so ufo's fleeing into the Sun when they see you shouldnt be unusual.

  • Neil B
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    9 years ago

    It IS technically a UFO, in that it's an unidentified flying object, however I would bet you a substantial amount of money that it's not from anywhere other than this planet. It could be a spy drone looking for something / somebody, or more likely given your location it could well be a new spy drone which is under development / testing.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    What if its a ufo :O

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    probable a flying saucers... the 1st form is sighting them, data series is the 2d, contacting them is the 0.33, THE FOURHT IS ABDUCTION!! Be grateful you experienced the 1st form in basic terms..!

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