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How do i flirt more in my text?

I like this girl and when we text we really talk about nothing at all.we only talk about cheerleading and school its so boring. I wanna get a little more sexual but I don't wanna push it and be a creep. I just want to flirt more so it shows I like her. I want to tease her but when I tease it leads me into the wrong direction of her not liking and not taking me serious so HELP ME!!!

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    Sounds like you're young. Nothing wrong with wanting to change the subject of conversation or even flirting a little but don't bring it to a sexual level. There are enough creeps out the're.... Don't join tne ranks. Why not just find other things to talk about and find out about any common interests you may have. There are endless things to talk about without resorting to perving on her and the ate plenty of ways to be flirty without crossing the line. Why not try beig a gentleman and complimenting her girls loves compliments as long as you don't get carried away and sound like a broken record

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    You can start by asking her a simple question

    "do you like being kissed on your neck?"

    Then you can go on and on about how you can make her melt with your neck kissing.

    "where would be your fantasy place to get it on?"

    You can tell her that yours is on a beach or in the shower or whatever lol, it can make for a sexual yet funny conversation.

    If she asks you what your doing say you are about to take a shower and when she texts back "okay" or "kool" you can text back "you should join me"

    or if she is ever about to take a shower you can say "what? No invite?"

    lol stuff like that is cute

    Or tell her you like something sexy about her like her hair or that she has a rockn body lol.

    get freaky and say that you would love to pull on her beautyful hair if you guys got close enough or whatever lol.

    lol or ask her if she's a freak like you lol idk get creative

    or you can tell her, hey i wanna do something dirtyy to you. or you can aske her what she woulld do if you were in a room alone together. and then go from there.

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    Tell her you like her. Be brave. If she text you A lot she probably likes you. Also the wonky face ;) is very flirty.

    Source(s): I'm a girl.
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    Take a quirk of hers and tease her lightly.

    For example: she likes kittens, tell her that she's a crazy cat lady or something (actually don't say that if it's true, but you get my point).

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    Make jokes, i.e if she reads fiction novels or something, call her a geek ;)

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    Hey what are you doing?

    About to take a shower.

    [insert cheesy/flirty comment]

    Its not hard bro, just look for the opportunity.

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