Why should higher-ed not be payed for by..?

The tax payers... There is a very extreme suggestion that we should eliminate all Pell Grants, raise interest rates on students loans, and yeah you know what I'm getting at. However, this would put many, many teachers out of jobs, as I know that without this financial aid most people "except the rich or the small percentile who receive large sums of money in scholarships" wouldn't be able to afford college unless they were living in a box on the street because they would be broke and in debt if they had to pay for it, especially with the inflation that fellow Republican Bush created.

It would also decrease the education in our society, supporting the notion that the majority of Americans are as dumb as a rock. It's been said that education has a liberal bias... In certain aspects of ideology it might be better to hold onto conservative values, but for this particular issue many people need to understand that promoting education in our country will only help the country in the long run. This isn't the wild west anymore, society has changed, and we need to open our minds.


Not free, but there should be aid given to those who are in tough financial situations.

Update 2:

Then what else should we spend our tax money on...? Of course many of you scum think we should tax the poor and middle class more...

Update 3:

Gosh you conservatives really are dumb as rocks, maybe you could use some of that aid and put yourself through school.

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    9 years ago
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    It's not the taxpayer's responsibility. Besides, we are bankrupt. We can't afford it!

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    Higher ed cannot be free: who would pay the professors?

    Most so-called "higher ed" is utter BS. I have a *** laude degree in English; its utterly meaningless and I learned nothing in achieving it except better typing skills. Most universities should be scientific research bastions; the rest of the students should be attending tech schools to learn marketable skills. Spelling isn't a marketable skill anymore.

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    nobody says that promoting eduacation is a bad thing. Similarly the efforts of things like social security and medicare and medicaid to provide help to those who need it are not bad things. But when the costs of those thing which are being payed for by the tax payer cause us to go into more debt, weaken our economy, and drive up taxes for those who cant afford them then clearly the results of our efforts are being outweighed by the negative consequences. Soemtimes responsibility means people have to work and fight for themselves so that we as a nation dont go into decline. its harsh but the fact is only the opportunity to pursue happiness is protected in the principles of our constitution, not achievement for unequal productivity. the reason for this is that if we want to sustain our nation we need to help those that we can but also hold everyone accountable to their own earnings so that we dont lose liberty for our entire nation while trying to help out one individual

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    Your education is *your* responsibility, not that of the taxpayers.

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    9 years ago

    Higher Ed should be free.

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