Which instument is best to play after cello? Violin, Viola, or Piano?

Ok, it has been almost 2 years since I started cello and I really want to play a second instrument. I'm going to continue learning cello, but which instrument would be better to learn while I'm also learning cello. I'm kinda worried since I want to play either violin,viola, or piano, and their all treble clef (I think) and I'm so used to playing bass.

So will any of these instruments be hard to play if I'm learning cello at the same time and will any instrument help? Also which do you recommend?

By the way, I'm 13 and I'm really interested in the viola and piano, but I can't get over the violin. I've also had troubles holding my cello bow and have had pain wrists, will any instrument help with this? Thanks.


Thanks! My wrist doesn't always hurt, buy my cello teacher thinks that I hold the bow too tight which hurts my wrist. I might play just cello for another year or two and then learn another.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Viola - there are lack of players 'cos too few people take up viola.

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    5 years ago

    I am learning the violin and I did learn the cello for six months. The violin is very difficult to get a decent sound out of ; the same with the viola. You sound like rubbish for the first six months until you learn how to bow correctly. The cello is much easier to get a reasonable sound out of straight away. It does not have that awful beginner's screech of a violin/viola. It is not an easy instrument to play but you will find is much easier to play than the violin or viola. You really should be practising for one hour per day. You might surprise yourself how much you enjoy it and start spending hours practising every day. I have known this to happen. Good luck ; enjoy your music. The cello is a beautiful instrument.

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    9 years ago

    My friend recommends the violin. Apparently the viola is harder than the violin. I'm a pianist, so I am foreign to this field of music. However, many people think that the piano is an easy instrument, but it 's very difficult because of hand coordination.

  • 9 years ago

    You have not tackled holding bows on cello perfectly. So, I would suggest you to learn it first before going out to learn others instruments just to put that name on your 'I can play these instruments' or to feed the 'WRONG' desires of your mind.

    Violin= Treble Clef

    Piano=Treble Clef (right hand)+Bass Clef (left hand)

    Viola=Alto clef

    I think Double bass playing has more match to cello than these above 3 (both playing styles, look, weight, and Bass clef-F3). So, that would be easy to learn. But as you play a stringed bass instrument already, you may try Violin or Viola. They both would be good choice.

    If you are inclined to learn another instrument in future then prefer Violin over Viola as only a few instruments are on Alto clef. You already know Bass clef for cell. If you learn Trevle while playing violin, you may try learning piano next.

    P.S. Playing an instrument good is better than playing 10 instruments bad. But, if you are to choose, which instrument suits you best, then perhaps you have a valid reason.

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