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How do you bowl properly?

Today, as part of our unit in Maths, Statistics,, we went bowling with another class. Everyone bowls normally and the way I'd like to except the handful that still throw it instead of bowl lol.

Anyway, what I've noticed is that instead of doing that little run, letting the ball slide smoothly along the floor really fast without a loud noise, I just walk up to the lane area and try to bowl it but it bangs the floor and goes so slowly compared to everyone else even though I push back as far as I can.

One of my female friends, who was playing on my lane, said that I bowl the wrong way. As I approach the lane, I had the thumbhole closer to me than my two fingers when it should be the other way around or else I might sprain my wrist. For about ten years, I have been holding it the wrong way.

A few years ago, I learned what the dots on the bowling lanes were. There are clearly things I need a lot of improvement on in bowling.

How do you bowl properly and like everyone else? Thanks guys.

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    Go here to watch how to throw a bowling bowl :)

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    Youtube thumbnail


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    work on your approach, your release, and your aim. It is hard to explain in writing but i am sure you could find a youtube video on it. It takes practice! But all three of those things are key to bowling well. Also pick a decent weighing ball. not to heavy and not to light.

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    I took up tennis...

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