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I smoke weed? you police can not do anything about it?



@ the Yahoo police: I don't consent to searches, soz.

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    Really!!???...Wow..Well unfortunately our government didn't take that bumper sticker 'stupid people shouldn't breed'!.I am a long time medical MJ user...A legit patient..With a spinal fusion,Artificial hip and around 5-7 pounds of misc steel hardware,Pins,screws,brackets..Cannabis has numerous quality's and can be very beneficial when used responsibly.If people like M.r. invinsable..the inbred pot smoking iliterate keep acting like idiots cannabis will never be takin serious!!..Anyway..Good luck and i hope for your sake you dont have a run in with one of them officers that have the 'Im a police officer and i can arrest you and kick your ***! you cant do anything about it attitudes' sincerely...ABoucier

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    Every dog has it's day

  • J
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    9 years ago

    and i have a pet monkey named george

  • 9 years ago

    Thanks, IP and MAC address gratefully received. We'll be round shortly. Expect a thorough body cavity search, general kicking where it won't show, and some torture akin to water-boarding. Whilst experiencing this legal form of interrogation you will be pleased to know that your stash will not be going to waste, in fact we'll be smoking it.

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