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Do kids wear seatbelts in rvs!?

Just purchased a 1995 airstream land yacht I couldn't find any seatbelts in it I have a two year old and four year old, does anyone know if they must have seatbelts while were driving or how does that work first time buyer help me someone!? Fyi I live in nebraska

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    Seatbelts are a weird thing. If you bought a crown victoria and drove it downtown Denver and didn't have your kids belted, you'd be ticketed, possibly arrested for child endangerment. However, if that same car is painted yellow and has the word CAB on it...your fine. Same with a bus. Kids don't have to be in a car seat or buckled in on a bus. So the same idea goes with a RV. It's stupid and doesn't make sense, but I suppose it is the practicality of it all. If you want to be 100% sure, give you local police a call. Or the State Patrol.

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