Moving to a big city, alone, at 18...?

I recently graduated high school and I'm moving to Portland, Oregon in a couple of months by myself. I'll be attending school half time. I was wondering what the cost of living is in the Portland area! Apartments, utilities, mass transport, etc.. Also, any tips on how to make it would be greatly appreciated! I'm from the smallest of towns, 2,000 population max, so it'll be a HUGE change! Thanks in advance :)

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    9 years ago
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    Don't flash your money around, or count it in public, as this is inviting to be mugged. Budget your money wisely, and don't spend one penny more than you originally intended. Buy food to cook at home. Eating out, while convenient, can become very costly if you do it every day. Stay inside at night, unless you are with a group of people.

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