Is this the new way to turn a guy down?

I've met 3 women over the past 2 months, 2 online and 1 in person. We spend time talking, texting, and getting to know each other. They actively pursue me, then when I ask them out for an actual date, all 3 of them say they would like to schedule something several weeks down the road, or to contact them again in a month after they're done doing something else.

Is this the new way of letting a guy down easy? Why do women show interest up to that point? I don't feel like pursuing at that intensity level just for a first date. I just want to find out if there is an honest synergy first.

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    9 years ago
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    BROTHER, women are the most simple yet the most complicated people around. You just take it slow. They might be exploring other men who are potential partners; or might really need some time to meet. So just give it time. Ignore them a little. If they are interested, they'll get back in touch with you. Do not jump the bandwagon just as yet. I know what you must be going through. Women, really ! Sigh.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Sounds like you didn't get to know each other nearly as well as you thought you did.

  • 9 years ago

    People get rejected all the time in many different ways, there is no "cool new way" to turn guys we're not interested in down. Guys have been getting turned down since the beginning of time in many different ways it's not like we all work from a textbook guide, everybody handles things differently. Sometimes girls feel more of a friendship vibe and don't want to go out on dates with you. It's life. Maybe you're too nice and get "friend zoned". Once I consider a guy as a friend, it would be awkward for me to go on a date. Dates are also a lot of pressure and forced romantic situation may make them feel uncomfortable. If I were you, I would try and spend time together as friends before you suggest that you feel anything or want anything more. That way, you have a chance to get to know them better as a person, and know whether you actually click in real life rather than cyberworld, where it's not easy to figure out what somebody is really thinking or feeling and it's easy to miscontrue what somebody's intentions are: maybe they just wanted a fun chat with you? It's also a lot more personal and you will become closer that way by actually getting to know them as a person, rather than wearing your heart on your sleeve upfront and scaring them away.

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