Why is it so hard to get help for depression?

I have been suffering with anxiety and depression ranging from severe bouts to just chronic feelings of sadness for about 3 years, and I have been seeking treatment for about 2 years now. I have been to 3 different types of therapies, currently at counselling (last resort), which isn't helping at all as I do not KNOW the root cause of my feelings.

But my doctor just keeps basically telling me to deal with it ?! last time I went he referred me to the counsellor I'm at now, and even offered me couples therapy ?!

Everyone else I've talked to who has had depression seems to just get handed out medication and psychiatric help without any real effort, even my younger brother, went ONCE to the doctor about feeling depressed (his own fault as he takes too many drugs) and they gave him a prescription for medication there and then! without any tests or anything?!

I know another person who is blatantly lying about having schizophrenia (they are always out clubbing, and even admitted needing an excuse not to work when their child was old enough for them to reduce her child support benefits) and they are on benefits and got given a house by the council!! It makes me so angry because I am really struggling and find it hard to even get out of bed some days, but I HAVE to work to afford to live. I get no help from anyone, what do I do?

I think I want to try medication of some sort, because therapy alone of any kind isnt working, but I dont think I can just go and straight up ask for it. My GP probably wouldnt give me it any way, he is useless!

I sometimes feel like the only way I am going to get the help I need is by doing something drastic and ending up in A&E, and it shouldnt have to be like that.

Does anyone have any advice?


I am in the UK by the way.

Update 2:

So far I have had two different GPS just offering me the same old stuff, there are only so many times a person can go to CBT :(

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    9 years ago
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    Okay, I understand what you are saying and I am totally gob smacked that this doctor hasn't even discussed with you the option of taking medication! Actually I just went to the doctors yesterday to discuss my Anxiety problem and I have been meaning to go to the doctors for a long time now and it after having just a short talk with the doctor, he said I have an anxiety disorder and a bit of depression. He asked me if I just wanted counselling or medication or both, I chose both. So at the minute I have started taking the mediation, one in the morning per day, and it'll take a while for them to kick in but I would definitely say something to your doctor and say you have been doing a little research and you would like to explore the option of trying some medication to see if that route helps as counselling is not solely going to help as clearly demonstrated.

    It's your body and mind and you are the one going through this nightmare, I would ask you doctor why he hasn't mentioned the option to you? If this doctor still refuses I would see another doctor. Or ask for a full examination so they can actually help you as this doctor sounds like he shouldn't even be practising

    Good luck

  • 9 years ago

    CBT = cognitive behavioral therapist?

    thats what i have and this person is a genius

    you just have to face all negatives in your life honestly.

    not saying you should accept the bad, just build something else over it and forget everything

  • 9 years ago

    I think you should try a different doctor and get another opinion. And maybe it would be best to give medication a try. Best of luck!

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