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What's the meaning of YOUR life?

I already know mine, but I'm extremely curious to know what's everyone else's meaning of life. Why, personally, do you think you're alive, and what's the point of you being here. I made this question to learn different perspectives from different people, and also to allow you to share your beliefs.

Don't be afraid to be detailed about it, include anything you want in the answer, from religion to family, etc.

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  • Simi
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    to spread as much happiness as i can and respect others thoughts and their perpective. to live in my present and die without regrets. thats the meaning of my life. "By being yourself you put something amazing in the world that was never there before." so the purpose of my life is to give my best and prove my uniqueness.

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  • 9 years ago

    Heartache is the meaning of my life.

  • 9 years ago

    I think I was brought to this planet to learn, grow, and adapt into the local population; to become one of the colony by growing up...being raised by them. And as I get older, my job is to assess and test the limits of the reality that the humans created. As a part of them, I can help relate and decipher any discrepancies in order to make it more accessible for the new generation; thus perpetuating and perfecting the human condition.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It is the world that I love.

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  • 9 years ago

    To experience an opportunity of endless lifetimes, to live in love with all aspects of life, to give love and to be thankful for the incredibly lucky opportunity of being here and being conscious that you are part of a bigger, larger, more complex than anyone can ever imagine structure, call it god, the universe, our conciousness, etc., and to take advantage of every waking and sleeping moment until our energy is absorbed again by our environment (i.e., the universe, the all).

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    Your question intrigues me.

    Actually, my life has no meaning. I don't say this out of self-pity or depression, but because I really wasn't supposed to be here in this time and space. I'll explain.

    I believe in reincarnation. I do so, because I have conscious memory of fragments of up to five lifetimes past. I also remember my time on the "other side" from my death in my last life to my birth in my present life.

    I was killed in World War II. Once I accepted my death, I reflected on my past life. I realized what an a**hole I had been. I had hurt someone who I realized was very dear to me. I felt so badly about it, I wanted to go back and make up for what I had done to that woman.

    I asked the "Elders" to be sent back. They advised against it, saying I was not yet ready. I persisted in my request, which eventually became a statement of intent. Now, you must understand that even on the other side, we have free will. While the Elders advised against my coming back, they could not negate my free will.

    So I was born in 1946 without a reason for being here, other than to undo the damage I had done. The trouble was, I couldn't remember who I had hurt. Was it my mother? She mentioned a marriage that went wrong when she was 16. That would have been about right, since I died just before my 21st birthday. Although I asked her (gently) about that marriage, she never spoke of it. My mother and I remained strangers until her death in 1990.

    I never felt my "calling" in this life. Oh, there were areas that caught my interest such as electronics, photography, teaching, flying, and other pursuits. I tried each one for a while, lost interest and moved on to something else.

    Thus, I am here of my own volition, without a mission or a passion. At 65, I've learned to accept it, yet I feel like an outsider in this world. Maybe I'll exercise a little more wisdom after this life.

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  • I know the meaning of my life.

    The meaning of my life is to be me, for me to run around and do random stuff, to go to my friends house and say random jokes, to go to the beach and dig a castle."There is no one like me, There will never be some one like me" The meaning of my life is to be me.Life itself never has meaning and never did or will. We give it meaning, I don't think animals say that's evil or good.....Only we do.

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