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How much can I drink before getting a buzz/drunk?

I'm a 17 year old female, about 130 pounds. I've never drank before so I don't know how much I can drink before I get drunk. I want to know so in the future I don't drink too much and end up getting too drunk.

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    Well, to be honest you shouldn't be drinking period. Nevermind your age. But I was raised with the "if you're gonna do it, do it at home, so I know you're safe" ideal. Which is good advice considering most youth these days will end up experimenting with different substances.

    With that said, you have to take into account what it is you're drinking. What you need to look at is the alcohol percentage of the drink. You should start with beer, of course. But even then beers can range from 3% all the way to 12%. Beers with an alcohol content of 12% are considered borderline wines. For a first time drinker the lower the percentage then hypothetically the safer you are. And of course some people can handle their alcohol better than others. Kinda depends on how well your kidneys function since they filter your blood, thus removing alcohol and other toxins.

    Now, before you drink make sure you have something to eat. At the absolute bare minimum make it a slice of bread or two. But if I were you I'd eat something a little more substantial. Bread is one of the better foods to eat since it tends to soak up the alcohol, granted it doesn't remove it from your system, but it slows the absorbtion rate. And make sure you sufficiently hydrate yourself. Rule of thumb is a glass of water between each drink. This will prevent the toxins in alcohol from building up in your system and giving you a hangover in the morning, along with preventing the alcohol from being absorbed into your bloodstream in large quantities.

    Alright. All that done and said. There is no definitive way to determine how much alcohol will affect an individual person. Some people can drink large amounts for an extended period without feeling much of an effect while some can become highly intoxicated off of one drink.

    Now, hypothetically, I'd suggest someone drink a single beer, wait approximately 10-20 minutes to assess how much it affects them. If they feel comfortable enough that it's not affecting them too drastically then they can consume another beer. At this point I'd avise them to have a glass of water to be on the safe side. If they feel comfortable after this point I don't see a reason not to have one more. But I have seen people get completely off kilter after only two beers so you really have to assess the situation and how you feel at this point. Some people don't feel drunk even after consuming considerable amounts of alcohol and they continue to drink because they don't feel any effects. And yet a little while later they're falling all over the place. Then end up waking up cursing themselves for drinking so much.

    So in conclusion, I'd suggest not drinking in the first place. But if you are, don't drink it fast. I'm not saying sip it, but don't chug it. I'd suggest keeping it to about four or so beers for your first time. And if you're drinking liquor... one or two shots are going to make you feel tipsy your first time. If they don't make you vomit.

    And last but not least, please be safe. Mind who you're drinking with and where you're at. Remember, if you sneak out to a party and don't tell anyone where you're going, and you get in trouble then help won't be there as fast as it should be. Plus, don't accept drinks from people you don't REALLY know. Open the beers yourself, or pour your own drink (liquor). That way you can almost guarantee that you won't have any unwanted substance slipped into your drink. This is becoming a very prevalent problem among todays youth.

    Just be careful. Please. Drinking is just not worth regretting having done it in the first place.

    @RentheKid: That's the worst "advice" you could give someone. I suppose you don't have sex if you're not looking to get someone pregnant...

    Source(s): Extensive experience and personal friends' experience.
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    For never drinking before, I'd say you would be good off about 3-4 beers. With liquor- it all depends. Don't take shots, but if you must take only one or two with a good amount of time in between. Make some mixed drinks but don't put more than a shot in and drink it slowly. Just watch how much you drink and drink slow. This way you will know more for the next time you go out.

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    5 years ago

    You understand it in general depends upon your body. For those who only drank once or twice by means of one or 2 shots of vodka you're going to get superb however no longer entirely drunk. If I need to get buzzed, I drink only one Martini and that i think fantastic.

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    If you are a newbie to drinking stop at 2 average drinks. It will be hard to do as that's where you are feeling like "wow this is great...." Sip, don't gulp. Enjoy the flavor. If you want to get trashed just disregard the above =p

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    9 years ago

    If your not drinking to get drunk theres no reason to. The only way to answer your question is to experiment with it unfortunantly.

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    There are alot of variables that would effect how many drinks till your drunk. Mainly what you drink. My guess would be around 3-5 beers ish. I'm not an expert though so.

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    3 beers will give you a buzz, 5 will get you drunk

    1bottleof tequila will get you ****** up

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    Well..Everyones Different So..

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Just pace yourself. Everyone is different. Try a couple drinks and then none for a while and see how you feel.

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    9 years ago

    if you are new maybe three to four drinks. depending if they are strong or light

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