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Question about my feelings?

Hey people, this is a question on something I accidently read. I read that people with OCD fear of dieing of their partner. I have OCD but when I think of that (well with my ex) I don‘t feel anything :/. Last year when we were together we nearly got robbed and he said he would do it the good or bad way. Nothing happened luckily. She went in a shock and was like I dont want you to die. I got a bit like omggg I could have been stabbed, but only that. Also I think I love my parents because when I think of losing them I feel I would

be sad and I dont want it to happen. Though the feeling does not seem very strong. When I was like 16 I always had a fear of my father dying, I cried over it too. Nowadays I fear more about the fact of not feeling anything when something like that would happen. Can I pleasd have some advice? This worries me..

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    9 years ago

    I think your fine, you cant love everybody. But if it really bothers you ask your doctor or maybe a therapist.

  • 9 years ago

    Maybe you didn't love your ex as much as you thought you did? If you have an unconditional love for someone you will care if something happens to them.

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