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i'm 4'10, 120lbs and 21 years old. What should I do? Please Help!?

People beat me up all the time at college and even the professors make fun of me. I've never had a girlfriend, let alone been kissed; I get hugs on the rare occasion. How do I change this!?

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    You can't change that you 4'10 but if you want to get biger start to go to the gym get wish some of your friend and work out... Befor you know it they are going to stop.... If not then F them and about girls there are a lot of girls that like short guys I wish I wad taller stometimes I'm 5'1 been like that for 14 years ur going someone soon

    Source(s): I'm 25 and I know it sick to be short and little
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    Join a group or club! Take piano or tennis lessons, really any lessons and start volunteering. You'll make friends by joining clubs and classes that you are interested in because youll have something in common with everyone there!

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    Do what captain America did. Wait for a World War. Try to enlist 10 times. Get denied 11 times. Then let the government to experiments on you. You may end up a super hero.

    Or if the the world wont go to war, drink lots of chocolate whole milk. I gained like 20 lbs in two weeks from drinking only chocolate milk.

    Anyways (if your still reading my comment :)), I'm 22, almost 6 foot, 200lbs played football and Hockey in High school, and I only had 1 date in 10th grade. Today, I'm unemployed with no college education plus I'm very shy around women.

    Yes women care about looks, but a good job and big personality is what wins them over. I recommend gaining some buff and getting a good education and job.

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