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What is causing me to obsessively pick at my body?

I pick my skin all the time, even in public. I always pick my face, arms, anywhere I get a tiny bump or blemish and I obsessively file my nails until they are just gone. The picking of my skin is really ugly, I've been wanting to stop for more than 2 years now. When my skin is finally healing and the red marks go away, I'm really proud of myself but I just end up doing it again. I wish I didn't pick at my nails but I don't want to stop doing it. My nails are really stubby and brittle, my friends tell me they look like they hurt. Whenever my nails grow the tiniest little bit and I can see some white, i HAVE to get rid of it and file it down until there's nothing but pink. I would really like to have pretty, healthy looking nails so I threw away all of my nail files and nail clippers but I find myself filing my nails with my own teeth.There is one that I CAN'T stop at all; I have these tweezers and I puck at my arm, leg and armpit hairs. When I was younger I couldn't stop plucking my brows and they were just not even there, I had to keep my hair a certain way to hide my missing brows. Thankfully, I stopped with the eyebrows but it still got a lot worse. This is so strange and I have no idea why I do this. Things I've read online said it's mostly caused by anxiety, I have anxiety running my family but I haven't had the symptoms my other family members have so far.I do know that I have a perfectionist-like trait and Things always have to be my way and the way I want them or it will drive me mad, just like it bothers the hell out of me when I see some arm, leg hair and my nails growing out. I've been struggling with Anorexia since I was 11 and I continue to have relapses, I believe those two are related somehow. I'd really love to stop picking and not be afraid to show my skin, what is wrong with my brain that is making me do this??

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    I struggle with bulimia and drug addiction... I used to obsessively pick at skin on my feet an my cuticles. Anything that didn't feel smooth. I'd pick til I bled. The picking on my feet stopped when I went to treatment, mostly because I told them and they'd check my feet randomly. I get how embarrassing it is. What helped me was to tell someone I trusted an talk about it when I wanted to. It turns out, usually something else was bothering me. Whether I thought someone was mad at me or I wanted to use... I've been clean and sober for a year and a half and I no longer pick at my feet. I still chew my cuticles but it's not as bad. Another thing that helped was getting a pedicure after my feet healed! I rewarded myself and it felt so good, I was so proud of myself. Talk to someone hunny, and then reward yourself with manicures! Also I've noticed if I have nail polish on I'm less likely to chew my nails. Good luck.

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    It could be OCD, I do the same thing. Or just a nervous habit, like chewing your nails. Things like this can develop when you have too much stress and anxiety. Perhaps the question is not how to stop picking, but how to live a more stress free life. If you can do that the picking may take care of itself.

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    You more commonly simply do it so much it just has emerge as a addiction just like how people crack there knuckles and shake there legs its nothing to worry about its just you've got almost always been doing it a lot that u do it without even noticing.

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    You need to seek help. I'm not saying it to be mean

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