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Help? Bleeding around or from anus when I take a poop. Digested my food!!!?

It started over 6months ago.

at first it was bright red.

It happen a couple of times.

It would happen in weeks.

then recently I've been bleeding often.

I think 2 times this week,

the blood is a normal red. Not dark not light.

I don't bleed a lot it's a small amount. It's a lot less than one tear or water drop.

Help. Thanks.

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    Eat more fiber, it will help your bowel movements be smaller and less painful. Drink more water too. Most likely you have a cut of some kind on you anus and gets stretched and re-injured.

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    If you eat too much and have a small anus, your poop is going to make it's way out of there some way (expanding your anus possibly ripping your skin)

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    The word you are looking for is "hemorrhoids," but check with your doctor to be sure.

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