Create Names for 5 Daughters & 5 Sons?

Using the set of names below, what first and middle name combinations would you choose for five daughters and five sons? If you are inspired to keep going after naming five of each, you may name one more child to have a sixth boy or girl.

GIRLS: Alexandra ~ Anne ~ Anneliese ~ Ava ~ Augusta ~ Cassandra ~ Catherine ~ Charlotte ~ Claire ~ Clara ~ Clarissa ~ Daisy ~ Darlene ~ Denise ~ Diane ~ Elise ~ Eva ~ Eve ~ Francesca ~ Helena ~ Irene ~ Ivy ~ Jane ~ Judith ~ Julia ~ Juliette/Juliet ~ Lisa ~ Loretta ~ Louisa ~ Madison ~ Mae/May ~ Magdalena ~ Marie ~ Marissa ~ Marlena ~ Marlene ~ Martha ~ Mary ~ Philippa ~ Quinn ~ Rebecca ~ Renee ~ Rose ~ Susan ~ Susannah/Susanna ~ Sylvia ~ Theresa/Teresa


Aaron ~ Adam ~ Alan ~ Anthony ~ August ~ Austin ~ Baxter ~ Benjamin ~ Brian ~ Charles ~ Christopher ~ Daniel ~ David ~ Drake ~ Edward ~ Frederick ~ Gabriel ~ Glen ~ Geoffrey ~ Gregory ~ Isaac ~ James ~ John ~ Jonas ~ Leo ~ Louis ~ Luther ~ Mark ~ Maxwell ~ Nathaniel ~ Paul ~ Phillip/Philip ~ Ross ~ Ryan ~ Samuel ~ Scott ~ Sylvester ~ Thomas ~ Timothy ~ Walter ~ Zachary


Also, please make note of your three favorite girl names and three favorite boy names from the lists.

Update 2:

I meant to include the name Violet on the girls' list.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Alexandra Violet, Francesca Charlotte, Helena Claire, Marlena Rose, and Philippa Renee

    August John, Daniel Scott, Isaac Jonas, James Anthony, and Zachary Charles

    ~Alex, Frankie, Lena, Marley, Pippa, August, Danny, Isaac, James, and Zach~

    Three favourite girls names: Helena, Alexandra and Francesca (honourable mention to Marlena, because it reminds of the Suzanne Vega song). I'm really glad you included Violet too.

    Three favourite boys names: Zachary, Daniel, and Isaac.

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  • 8 years ago

    Augusta Claire

    Philippa Eve

    Elise Quinn

    Sylvia Anneliese

    Alexandra Mary

    Benjamin Samuel

    Isaac Maxwell

    Ryan Christopher

    Aaron Gregory

    Gabriel Baxter

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  • A
    Lv 4
    8 years ago

    1. Rebecca Jane

    2. Catherine Daisy

    3. Helena Claire

    4. Juliette Rose

    5. Marlene Clara

    1. Austin Scott

    2. Christopher Ryan

    3. Zachary Alan

    4. Maxwell Paul

    5. Benjamin Walter

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  • 8 years ago

    Alexandra "Alex" Jane

    Charlotte "Charley" Mae

    Francesca "Franny" Marie

    Susannah "Susie" Claire

    Juliette "Jules" Quinn

    Charles "Charlie" James

    Benjamin "Ben" Luther

    Isaac Maxwell

    Samuel "Sammy"

    Gabriel "Gab" Ross

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • 8 years ago

    ¤ Violet Susanna

    ¤ Eva Daisy

    ¤ Sylvia Charlotte

    ¤ Clara Diane

    ¤ Rose Magdalena

    ¤ Louis Gabriel

    ¤ August Frederick

    ¤ Walter Anthony

    ¤ Zachary Adam

    ¤ Maxwell Charles


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  • Roisin
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    Daisy Eve

    Elise Mary

    Charlotte Renee

    Juliet Jane

    Violet Quinn

    Maxwell Adam

    Ryan Isaac

    Samuel Drake

    Leo James

    Charles Zachary

    "Dais, El, Lottie, JJ, Vi, Max, Ry, Sam, Leo & Charley"

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  • xoxo
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    Anneliese Clara

    Julia Charlotte

    Marissa Eve

    Ava Marie

    Violet Mae

    Zachary Paul

    Nathaniel Scott

    Adam Drake

    Ryan Maxwell

    Leo Gabriel

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  • Hello there here are my name choices for the girls and boys!!!

    Girl names

    Anneliese Claire

    Elise Juilette

    Clara Rose

    Ava Jane

    Susannah Ivy/ Ivy susanah


    Christopher Issac/ Issac Cristopher

    Gabriel Brian/ Brian Gabriel

    Adam Thomas

    Gregory Scott

    Zachary Ross

    my fave girl names on your list are: Elise,Charlotte,Juliette

    my fave boy names on your list are: Adam, Nathaniel, Ross

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  • 8 years ago

    Daisy Renee

    Madison Rose

    Anneliese Mae

    Quinn Magdalena

    Rebecca Violet

    Gabriel Drake

    Benjamin Ryan

    Nathaniel Austin

    Zachary Samuel

    Louis Isaac


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