Should I get a boob job?

I am 20 years old. I wear a size 34B bra. I am finding myself in a very uncomfortable situation. I am very in love with my boyfriend. I see a serious and fulfilling future with him. However, he adores large breasts.....which I obviously lack. I feel an intense need to get a boob job.....but then the rational side of me says that it is against my own wishes. My boyfriend has not encouraged me to get breast augmentation surgery. But I feel the drive and heartache to get it done. Before I began dating at all, I loved my breasts. And I would have never even considered plastic surgery. Is it wrong to have this procedure done? Is this a sign of me having no self-respect? I am panicking slightly......I feel as though my options are either to get a boob job so I can feel happy, or end our relationship, which sickens me just thinking about it.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Since you're asking this in Legal & Law, here's my legal opinion: He's neither encouraged nor asked you to get a boob job, yet you are insecure to the point of panic. What's more, IN YOUR MIND your happiness rides on this and you are willing to end a happy relationship over this imagined problem. Sure, lots of guys fantasize about big boobs, some more than others and others not at all. But they also fantasize about strippers and hookers who they associate with big boobs and tattoos. Some fantasies are meant to stay fantasies. Do you really want him to look at you like that? What you would really be doing is getting him to objectifying you into a sex fantasy object and less as you, because obviously you don't feel you're worth anything unless you can become the object of his fantasy. You actually feel heartache because you don't live up to the expectation of this fantasy. And what if he decided he likes Dolly Parton-esque proportions, or Lisa Rinna lips, or Paris' legs, or Kim's butt, or whatever - would you go there too?

    If you think you can't be happy unless you get new boobs, then something is seriously wrong with your relationship or wrong with you. If you feel like you're going to lose him because eventually he's going to dump you for someone that fits his fantasy image, then so be it - if he's that shallow and superficial to go there, then you don't really have that great of a relationship anyway. If you're that shallow and superficial to think that it's going to make you or him happier, then again, you have no clue of what a real relationship is about, and he needs to get a clue about what you're really about because you're displaying a serious lack of self-respect, twisted sense of self, and self-esteem issues. Why that could be a deal-breaker for him is that if he is truly in this relationship for the long haul, then those are not the kind of attributes that I would want around let alone being imparted to my children.

    You need to find out why this is such an issue for you and deal with that instead of spending $10K to be someone's fantasy babe. Believe me, this is only the beginning of your issues manifesting themselves. Save the dough for a shrink.

    Take it from me. If I were your boyfriend, though, I would make you get the boobs first, then get your issues all sorted out afterwards. Then he'd get the best of both worlds. That's how I did it. ;-)

    That's my ruling and I'm sticking to it.

  • Brad H
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    9 years ago

    Real men do not like fake boobs.

    What would you do when you get older and the extra weight starts giving you back problems? Or suppose one of them starts leaking?

    Would you always want to have the reputation of having fake boobs because your real body is not good enough?

    Don't do it! You'll regret it.

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