Why do liberals, especially white Obama supporters, have their Q&A set on "private"?

I mean, I let ALL of my anwers, and ALL of my questions, for better or worse, be made public in case anyone wants to debate what I have said over the years.

I notice that conservatives tend to allow their settings to be public, and usually offer real answers.

Liberals, on the other hand, almost never provide an answer, but either an insult, or some snotty comment that was old 30 years ago.

Why do so many leftists feel they have to hide their Q&A from us? I want to hear it from you liberals.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Because so many rightists are hate-mongering trolls.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    provide up and picture approximately what you say. Do you already know the way incorrect this is to propose this type of thinking? you say, "in keeping with risk many blacks do vote for Obama because of fact he's black, yet what's incorrect with that?" this is racist. that's what's incorrect with it. do no longer you already know that? you already know you say that this is okay to vote for somebody, in basic terms because of colour of his or her dermis. you say that this can be the final guy for the interest, because of fact he's black. this is not any thank you to opt for which individual is going to steer usa. besides, i could ask you the way could you sense if whites have been balloting for white applicants, basically because of fact they have been white? i could wager which you does not be that satisfied approximately it. then you definately say, "he's word-worth adequate (he's not any Al Sharpton) and we've never had a black president." Your acceptable, he's noteworthy interior the sense that he's one in each and every of the main liberal senators in Congress. In different words, he's an extremist. we desire a president who's reasonable, because is the form of individual who could be open to pondering all concepts on the table and prepared to artwork with the different component to get the outstanding issues executed. Barack Obama isn't that individual. He has his severe liberal schedule and because we've a democratically controlled legislative branch, he will railroad his rules by using in spite of whither they're the final component for the country or no longer. I agree that it may be large to be certain a black guy gain the presidency yet no longer because of fact the ordinary public desires to assert that we've finally broken all racial obstacles. i prefer to be certain a black guy in workplace because of fact he's qualified for the interest. returned, it is not Obama. he's quite green whilst it includes politics and that's obvious from lots of the statements that he has made and the fast volume of time he has been in touch in politics. i do no longer desire a president who's winging it by using no longer uncomplicated negations with a united states of america like Iran. If he makes it into workplace, he will somewhat screw up this united states of america together with his severe liberal ideology and thanks to it you would be waiting an quite long term to be certain yet another black individual in workplace. i can promise you that.

  • Athena
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    9 years ago

    They are only in favor of SOME transparency.

    They are in favor, for example, of publishing Bush's college transcripts, but feel Obam's are not important and should be private.

    Just an example.

  • 9 years ago

    No more than cons.

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