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stupid ex boyfriends moving on?

so i just broke up with my boyfriend and now its been 3 weeks and i have already moved on and started having sex with other guys but i don't wanna be called a slut !!!!

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    Wow getting over som1 in 3 weeks is soooo fast if u r sexing other guys 1 reason it can be u were hurt in ur relationship or maybe u just got over so easy dun tell that to others they will call u a slut and dun have sex with guys who has gfs!!! And why u sex DIFFERENT guys that's the sluty part!!?

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    I'm sorry but what society classifies a 'slut' to be, is a person who persues sexual relations with two or more people in a short period of time.

    Having a friend with benefits doesnt count. (friend used purely for sexual release, no strings attached).

    So, if you don't want to be called a slut I suggest finding one guy who will fit your needs, or stop all together.

    You will gain this label by continuing what you are doing. Sorry.

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    Gee- THAT's too bad. I'm sure Your "Ex"- feels the SAME way. :)

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