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Need help with ONLINE SHOPPING! (eBay)?

Hello, I have a bank visa debit card linked to my PayPal account, and it's linked to my eBay account. My PayPal says my balance is $0.00... that's where i'm confused, shouldn't it say the amount i have in my bank account? It also says I can't add funds? I really don't get it. Can somebody please give me SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND guide on how to buy something on eBay using PayPal in detail? Thank you :)

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    Although your paypal is linked to your debit card its not linked to your account.

    This is how paypal works. When you buy something on ebay and you pay for it via paypal it will take the money out of the bank account that the card is tied to. Now if you decided to sell something or you got a refund then your paypal would get a balance of whatever. You can manually transfer funds from your account to your paypal but its not necessary.

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    I dont consider that you can, you will have to go onto ebay and open a shop from there after which record your entire merchandise seperatley. You could get a common retailer on ebay for £6.00 a month which i feel is very affordable

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    it's okay if you have 0 funds in your pay pal account, as long as you have the amount in your bank account... it will come out of your bank account VIA paypal, then to ebay.

    if you have 0 funds in your pay pal account the above process takes a little longer to pay, but it's not very long and item is sent as soon as it goes through (maybe 2 days until item is paid for via this process)


    you can put ' funds' on paypal from your BANK ACCOUNT.

    so you go to paypal and look at the withdraw funds section (something related to funds section, usually top of screen) and put a certain amount from bank account onto your pay pal account which will take a few days but will fasten up your ebay purchases.


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