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What to do at the gym?

Yeah I'm a teenage male looking at bulking a bit and gaining some functional strength, and I just joined a new gym. Part of the package is I can get 1 hours personal training/supervision or they can construct a program for me. Now I just made a 3 day split program using an intermediate program of a good website, then slightly modified it. Keeping this in mind, which should I choose?

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    There is no way anyone can answer your question for more reasons than YA give us room to enumerate. You provide no useful information about yourself or your goals. And, you say "bulk" and "functional strength", which are incongruous, in the same sentence which makes me think you're a beginner in terms of your knowledge.

    What I can tell you, however, is your body has no choice but to follow your brain. So, before you start trying to build your body, feed you brain a good diet of information so you can become your own personal trainer. You'll need that because there are few good personal trainers and most of the information on the internet about bodybuilding and strength training is bad information designed from profit motives. Here's what I suggest.

    1. Watch all of Scooby's 210+ videos here --> . (Scooby is a little too "old school" and is not up with the latest science so he's not 100% correct. He promotes some myths such as 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day which is just wrong. He promotes the use of some supplemnts against the NIH warnings and recommends caffeine which without sufficient cautions, etc. However, he's the best I've been able to find...and I looked at every website I've seen mentioned in this forum in the past year.)

    2. Next, read everything here so you can learn a little anatomy and kinesiology as well as how to perform exercise in good form -->

    3. Finally, buy this book and study it (you can skip over the heavy science stuff) -->

    Stay away from supplements and get your information from good books in your public or Uni library.

    Good luck and good health!!

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