quick question about texting?

So i met this girl at a party, and i like her. she started coming on to me first, and then we managed to get a room together. after we hooked up, she wanted to cuddle, and held my had and stroked my arm and all that stuff (we spooned). we also talked for about 2 hours after the hook up. she kept on telling me how hot i was too.first thing is first. does she like me or is what she did just an act? if so fine, if not, then great!

second scenerio: she gave me her number, i txted her the next day, and we saw each other the day after and she looked and payed attention to what i was saying a lot. so she texted me first the next day and then we talked, got boring a bit, and i tried to spice. i asked her questions and she responded "how bout you?" to all my questions. so i said "now you ask a question :)". she never responded. is she playing hard to get? does she want more space? how long should I wait before i txt her back? it has been about a day so far.

Thanks for your help!!


we didnt get that far in the hook up. and i dont think she had a full orgasm.

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  • 9 years ago

    im gonna let you in on a little secret ok, girls can only play hard-to-get-for so long.So if i were you id stop texting her for as long as you could and then she will come crawling back to you,that or she was just busy. BAHAHAHAha

  • 9 years ago

    Texting is **** because it's only 20% communication. You're leaving out voice tonality and body language, which accounts for around 90% of a total communication. 10% is in the words, and yeah you can add some smiley faces to give it another 10% or so, but its not enough.

    Besides, it just sounds like you're being too clingy, so stop obsessing about her and go do something else other than looking at your phone 24/7.

  • 9 years ago

    Wait a few days dont make her feel trapped.

  • 9 years ago

    give her some space, then if she doesn't talk to you still leave her be, and move on. maybe that's all she was, a hook up.

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