Have there been any new episodes on tv, of "Ghost Adventures" ? The last one I saw was about 4 weeks ago with Vince Neil, and it was filmed in Las Vegas. Have there been any new episodes since then ?

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    9 years ago
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    The Travel channel has been airing "Ghost Adventures" specials of late. Season 8 will premiere in the Fall of 2012, per Zak Bagan's Twitter. I can't wait until the new season starts! I love this show.

  • half
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    4 years ago

    that's.... a actual television instruct. Is that actual adequate? i think in ghosts too, yet purely because of the fact i've got considered some in individual, and that i've got a large variety of questions on those ghost 'certainty' exhibits on television. have not watched Ghost Adventures, yet I think of that's comparable to all the different exhibits: They bypass to a spooky previous region that's mentioned to be haunted, anticipate the solar to bypass down, then wander around interior the ineffective of evening announcing "what exchange into that, did you hear that" on a similar time as a digicam group videos all of it in patent pending eco-friendly-O-imaginative and prescient. Then they bypass over the photos with an authority lower back on the studio. How close am I right here? i presumed so. that's humorous, because of the fact i understand quite a few surely paranormal researchers. no longer the paid ones (who're all fraud artists), people who do it for actual. like the lads on television, they actually do come from all backgrounds and walks of existence. in assessment to the lads on television, despite if, they do no longer come across a shown ghost everywhere they bypass. and positively no longer each and every week. that's the main astounding twist of fate. those television hosts seem to discover a ghost everywhere they bypass to, many times on the 1st evening, and get 'evidence' on action picture. all the different researchers, meanwhile, are acquainted with waiting months or years formerly they see something even remotely unusual, and then 95% of the time they could come across a non-ghostly clarification for what they observed. Even the researchers who've a van crammed with digital kit will inform you that ghost searching includes waiting, waiting and extra waiting, and on maximum excursions they do no longer witness something in any respect. Makes you ask your self how those television hosts could have such outstanding and fully random success, would not it?

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