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Does Al Jefferson have a time machine?

During the Jazz vs Spurs series, he said: "I just think we're playing against a team that is at its peak, I don't see nobody beating them."

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    He is right, the thing I don't think most of us saw it coming. The Spurs just sort of quietly flew below the radar until now. Now in the Conference Finals, they command everyone's attention.

    But Al's right, they are at their peak, they kicked in to high gear once the playoffs started and have been saving their best basketball for now. All those games that Greg Popovich rested Parker, Duncan, and Ginobili, that was for what they're able to do right now.

    Al Jefferson saw it coming, because his team witnessed it firsthand, but most of us viewers didn't. The Spurs will win the Championship because no team left is playing on their level, not even close.

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    I think he might be right about that. In my opinion, the Spurs are the favorite to win the championship. No, I DON'T see Miami, Oklahoma City, or Boston beating them. I''ll be shock if that happens.

    They've got the MOST balanced team in the league. If you watch basketball, you know what I mean. They're going to be hard to beat if they keep on playing like this.

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    Well alot of times after players experience a great team first hand they have great insight of what to expect from the team in the long run. Anyone could have came up with the same conclusion if they had the pleasure of trying to stop the Spurs but nothing works.

    Spurs virtually have no weaknesses is what makes them crush other teams.

    - They brought youth back into the team with Green, Neal, Lenard and Splitter plus Tony Parker is only 29.

    - They have experience and veterans as well

    - They have high offense & defense

    - They rebound

    - They have playmakers in Parker & Ginobili

    - They just have the closest team to being complete.

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    i dont know who the **** can beat the spurs myself too....

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