What do you think is going to happen in the future?

In the year 2020 and throughout the deeper years such as 2090, what do you think will happen? Its scary enough now in 2012, technology is arising and not many people seem to communicate with each other anymore and its always technology, machines, texting, and all that fancy stuff! It’s scary because not many people are used to this technology!!! What do you think will happen later in the future? Can you predict the future getting better or getting worse? Worse meaning like the world coming to an end, people shooting each other and becoming more violent, and people being more obsessed with more technology. What do you think is going to happen in the next decade of years? If someone was born in the year of 2012 this year, what will happen? They wont even know what a video cassette tape is because a new generation of people will be in the world and all of us may get older or not be around anymore!

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    First off there will be no 2012, they found another Mayan calendar. The whole Mayan theory was that we were going to align with the center of the galaxy. This made no sense, these people should be respected though, they also proposed the theory that we were in a galaxy and that there was a supermassive black hole in the center in which we revolved around. Think about it this way if you know anything about our solar system we revolve around the sun. We are about 3/4 in the galaxy so we are in the outside part of it. Think about how Pluto revolves around the sun, if we were close to aligning with the galaxy and when was this theory found? I think it was in 2008 it was sometime in the 21st century so if we were a few years aways from aligning with it we would be so close we would be experiencing the affects already. Now let me answer your question : Will the world end? Probably yes think about it this way United States is #1 in investing on its Space exploration technology and we are spending about 10-15% of our taxes on it. We should be proud we explore comets, and astroids for the most part. Nothing awesome but we will explore Mars in 2018-2030.

    If there is an Asteroid on course for Earth that will hit in the next 20-100 years from now we wont make it. Only way of living something like this would be to terraform Mars and hope for the best. This isn't possible. To develop this type of technology we would have to unite as one. And how is the United States supposed to spend money on Space if people gripe about money. The money wont matter if your dead in the next 20 years. All of it to be wasted I guess. So lets get back to what I was talking about earlier. We all know once we take our 1st step on Mars, or bring life to it the other countrys are going to want property. Lets go back to the 16th and 17th century when everyone was fighting for the land we live on as of today. But add Atomic bombs and Nuclear Warfare. That would be a possibility. So the only real way we could live on is to unite as one. Now as for other life the war would destroy all life, including plants so we could die of war or the aftermath of it because almost all countries have developed Nuclear weapons and if not all of us died because the war the radioactivity would. So the question is will we unite as one? Or perish? Only we can answer that.

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    Honestly, I look foward to all the new things. I was born in 1996 so as I was growing up I saw all these new technology. I remember when I was 5 my mom had some crappy flip up phone which was so cool back then, now look, more then 10 years later we have touchscreens. Imagine another 10 years, then another. It pretty insane how much things are going to change, like in my life time I will probably see a human on mars, or a spaceship commercially available, or even a flying car! It can also be really scarry because in this atomic age, you never know if this second will be your last. Like tomorrow we can get bomber, then BAM! The earth is gone and all these awesome ideas are gone.

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    Great question.

    If the twentieth century was the discovery of powered flight, antibiotics, the theory of relativity, quantum theory, the transistor, the discovery of DNA, manned space flight, the advent of computers and the rise of the internet, what will the 21st century be?

    Who knows really, but some speculation on my part:

    The Theory of Everything - a unifying theory that embraces gravity, electromagnetism and the weak and strong nuclear forces. This will open the doors to whole new ideas and concepts unimaginable today. This could well happen in the next one hundred years.

    Quantum computing and quantum communication. This will offer unprecidented levels of computing power and possibly instantaneous communication of vast amounts of data. Quantum entaglement is already being developed. A team in China have recently stabilised quantum pairs over a distance of some 70kms, which is the first fleeting steps in a facinating field (quantum engineering may even side step reality as we know it! How's that for a change of pace? Anyone fed Schrodinger's cat recently?).

    Molecular genetics will probably be the greatest area of advance in the twenty-first century. Life spans well into 100+ will be the norm. No-one born into a developed country today will die of old age before one hundred. Food production will also be dramatically enhanced as higher yeilding resilient crops are engineered to feed more people from less agricultural land.

    Nano technology will revolutionise everything from super computers, self repairing structures and machines to medicine. Nano machines capable of detecting and attacking tumors in the body are already being worked on.

    Clean energy. With the TOE clean energy sources, possibly beyond cold fusion, will provide clean cheap energy, and will be one of the great levelers for the developed world.

    It's a future of promise. Let's hope we don't blow ourselves up on the way there.

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    EVERYTHING that hasn't happened already... -Plus a few things that will Repeat Themselves... ;)

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