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My roofer suggested nailing the tiles to the existing roof. The original tiles are thick tiles. Bad idea?

The original tiles are asbestos shingles and in comparison the new 3 tab (25 yr) tiles are so thin. He said it would give the roof more protection ... he gave me the option of not removing the old roof if I wanted to save money. Is this a horrible idea? He didn't seem to think so.

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    9 years ago
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    Yes it is a bad idea.

    I've been roofing for 25 years, I have seen roofs put on like this and will only cost more later to take it off.

    It also keeps the new shingles from sealing correctly and makes it look bumpy, you will not like how it looks once they are done.

    Sounds to me like the guy just wants to take a short cut and will give you little discount for going over the old shingles.

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    5 years ago

    This has been done for years. And that is why they have longer screws and staples. Before you start, have him make sure of the sub roofing--you know, the plywood or the original wood that the old roof is nailed to. Just have him check in the attic for rot or broken lumber, and do repairs there as needed.

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    1st, I am not a roofer. But I have always read/been told that it can be okay to put a 2nd layer of shingles over top of the first layer in areas that do not get much snow. If there is a likelihood of a major snow storm, the extra weight of the old shingles can make a big difference on whether your roof can support the load or not.

    The only real advantage to leaving them on is that it saves you money now. If you are likely to still be in the house in 25 years, then you will need to remove both layers then anyway. Might as well remove them now.

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    === A MOST HORRIBLE IDEA === please find another roofer and seek some bids for the new roof .. what this guy is doing is called a """ NAIL OVER""" ==== this nail over is exactly the cheapest way out of proper work by the roofing company [[ roofer dude ]] == the guy told you that your roof will have more protection and that statement is one of the biggest, whopper, horrible LIES that has ever been told by a roofer === get rid of that guy and get some bids ... the correct roof is new plywood on the lath strips that hold the roof trusses in place -- then rolled tar paper [ as it is called ] and then the new shingles or tiles as you refer to === please NOTE .... a nail over leaves an uneven look to the roof .. it appears rippled -- in a high wind a nail over roof will tear off the house [[quickly]] -- the nail over will often leak and need repairs -- ////////////// best you get some other bids and just tell the present liar this """ well, I have thought about all this and I am going to seek other bids """" THIS is as follows== you are in charge== it is your home== you are paying to have the job done properly== you have the right to seek bids== PLEASE do NOT allow this roofer dude to rip you off {{{ if you use this guy you are getting ripped OFF }}} it is your money .....

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    he gave u the option of having the old layer of roofing removed so he is not lazy or trying to get out of work, he is just trying to save you some money. for one thing it's going to cost u alot to have them removed if they are asbestos because the have to protect themself from breathing in any dust and then they have to be baged and sent to a special land fill. if there is just the one layer of old shingles then it's ok to go over them with the new ones.

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