Solutions to Over Population....?

I need to present solutions for over population as a presentation at school and i need to create a pretend law in the untied states to prevent this. Its kinda hard since over population is mainly a issue in countries like china and india so any suggestion would help. Thanks :) (It needs to be a law in the u.s)

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  • 9 years ago
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    i can't give u a proper answer, but my idea :

    population really grows among the poor. we should be able to make them aware of such population problems. if you are asking about a law then "permission for more than two children", as if made in china. such policies are to be taken. and you know, when this poor families produce more and more children, they are not able to provide ( even for the single one) proper food, education, etc...( primary needs). they turn to be a liability to the country/ nation. if 1 or 2 children are produced , people can at least provide for them their basic needs and turn them to asset population. in that case the number of people also turn less.

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  • 9 years ago

    there are some toffee sell in india, it will reduce their power of making baby's.

    and country like Australia, their government pays more for making more children s. so its better who what to make more children s to country like this and live.

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