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Why don't I ever grow? (I'm a guy)?

I have been the same height and weight since 6th grade (5'5"; 130 pounds) and I am now at the end of 10th grade and 16 years old... My brother that is 2 years younger than me is 6'2" and weighs like 230 or something lol. I still fit into clothes from when I was little too it's very weird. I have a small body frame not too tiny but smaller than other guys at school.

The strangest thing is that I definitely already started puberty(in like 5th grade lol) because I have chest hair and deeper voice and the like.

Anyways, does it sound like there is hope for me? My grandpa on my moms side is only 5'7" lol... because I literally haven't grown a millimeter.

I also have very poor sleeping habits. heh.

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    Well your a teenager dear, poor sleeping habits are kinda required, aren't they? Lol. But naw, anyway. Just keep yourself healthy really. Eat right, get some exercise from time to time and trust your body to know when and how much you're supposed to grow. I'm sure you have a couple more growth spurts yet but they're not going to come sooner just because you're impatient. In fact, high stress can actually keep you from developing at the rate you're supposed to 0.0 I'm not just trying to scare you into chilling out either, that's true. Lol.

    And ya know what? Even if you stay short, it's not the end of the world. My husband is about 5'7'' and weights about ten pounds more than you. At my nice short 5'1'' I've always found him just about right :}

    Good luck though, just relax, not like you can change it anyway, ya know?

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    Alot of men stay small untill they hit a growth spirt in there late teenage years to early twentys

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