my boyfriend lives in a different city?

There's this guy I met over facebook, and I started liking him almost immediately. We aren't officially girlfriend and boyfriend, but that's because we haven't met in person. He said the first night I talked to him "if I met you irl I would ask u out in less than a week!" I would just drive up to his city, but I can't drive. He can drive, but his parents are the crazy kind who wouldn't let him go. We're pretty much together, so nothing like "just break it off" because all I'm asking is a way for him to be able to come to where I live. Btw, he lives 2 hours away

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  • 9 years ago
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    if he really wanted to see you he would do even the impossible to go and see you. i know because ive done it .btw beware of online dating be really cautious and be safe

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