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how can i become stronger?

Hi..i am one of the weakest guy in school. Yesterday i played a game like knuckle fight where me n opp should puch each others knuckels and my knuckles are still hurting. I couldnt even punch hard, less force. My muscles are hurting bad. I am bad in arm wrestling also. Can you please tell me how can i become stronger. You know like strong muscles, strong striking power..please help ?

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    its all about correct exercise/weight lifting.

    if you can get access to weights at your local gym or home then to build arm strength looking into lifting weights. the two best types of lift to build arm size and strength are

    1) bench presses - use a weight thats so heavy that you can only do about 3 reps of this using good form. do 8 sets of 3 reps.

    2) bicep curls - use a weight heavy enough so that you can only do 12 reps and do 3 sets of these.

    don't do this on the same day, make sure you rest plenty (for up to 3 days afterwards) to make sure your muscles have time to strengthen and grow.

    Research other weight lifting techniques online about how to gain strength quickly :)

    if you can't get weights however, then you can do exercises such as push ups. try to do 100 push ups. this will take time, so maybe start at 10 and do 5 more each day until you can do 100, trust i bet very few guys would be able to do 100, so it will make you slightly stronger and get you respect at school :)

    also look into doing exercises such as pull ups, tricep dips and chin ups at home. they require no gym/weight equiptment. look online about other exercises similar that can help you become stronger.

    in regards to punching power, its more about technique than strength. make sure you punch correctly (striking with the knuckle of your first and middle finger) and throw your whole body into the punch. Theres loads of info online about punching power so look into this :)

    just search online and you'll find all the info you need, hope this has been some help :

    mail me if you need any more help man :)

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