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Is this bulimia or something else?

First off I know making yourself throw up is dumb and there's healthier ways to lose weight but this question isn't about healthy eating, its about me wanting to know if this is bulimia or some other kind of disease.

For about 9 months I've been making myself throw up. It started out just once in a while after eating a meal I'd purge. I didn't start binging til a few months later. I'd binge and purge insane amounts of food. It didn't even make me skinny, quite the opposite. So I just gave up. I love food so much and love eating it so much that I don't like being full and I just wanna keep on eating so after I binge I make myself throw up so I could make more room in my stomach so I could keep on eating. I never wanna be full cause that means I have to stop eating. I don't wanna stop eating. So once I feel full I make myself barf then once my stomach is empty again I'll start eating again. And it keeps going and going. What is this eating disorder called? Has anyone ever met or known anyone with this same condition as mine? I feel so alone since I've never met or heard of anyone else having anything like this.

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    I have bulimia and this sounds similar. It could be ednos (eating disorder not otherwise specified) or binge eating disorder. My friend had binge eatig disorder in treatment and she would eat til she threw up or she would make herself throw up so she could eat more. Either way, what you describe is disordered eating for sure

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    I have bulimia and here is vicious cycle.

    1. Person trys to lose weight so they diet

    2. Can't handle the hunger so they binge intaking 2,000 to 5,000 calories at a time.

    3. Feels self disgust so they purge (which can be throwing up, fasting for days -which usually end in another binge-, and compulsive exercise) to rid themselves of the calories we just inhaled in about an hout.

    4. The person goes back on a diet and it starts all over again.

    So what you have sounds like EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified) or something like that. I met a guy with EDNOS in rehab. He sounded somewhat like you except he would want to stop eating. I know getting help is embarrassing or whatever it is for you but you just gotta do it. By purging your ruining your whole body in ways I didn't even know were affected. Please get help, it's uncomfortable but in the end-you'll feel free.

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    It seems such as you're suffering twin ingesting issues. Anorexia is extreme foodstuff limit, and bulimia is purging after foodstuff intake. on a similar time as countless human beings do binge then purge, bulimia isn't defined via the quantity you consume earlier than throwing up. That being stated, that's good you recognize what you're doing is undesirable. the two issues are very difficult on your physique. on a similar time as you will possibly be able to get delight with temporary weightloss, you're inflicting a ton of different lifelong harms on your physique. in addition to throwing your physique into "starvation mode" through loss of ingesting definitely motives a reaction to keep and carry onto fat. As somebody who has been obese, underweight, tried a large number of diets or maybe starvation, no longer something works extra effectual then good wholesome weightloss. i be conscious of it takes longer, and it sucks to ought to look ahead to effects, in spite of the indisputable fact that it works and you stay wholesome and the load continues to be off interior the long-term. easily although, you're not often fat. In all certainty an uncomplicated wholesome ingesting plan and reasonable workout ought to show you how to drop the few lbs you desire rather right now. Please bypass the wholesome course particularly of harming your physique, and discuss with somebody concerning the subject concerns you're encountering and coping with. It facilitates to have somebody paintings by using issues with you.

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    WAIT ,before you do any deleting.

    I'm not sure, but, it sounds like it. About your eating habits . . .

    (1) Try not going to buffets.

    (2) Eat off of saucers , not plates ; this way your eyes tell you . You have a full plate. When reality your eating less than before. You can put only so much on a saucer .

    Limit your self as to how much @ each " sitting ".

    (3) Try drinking a lot more than eating , Especially Before " meals " .

    You might feel full but, you'll be throwing up less hopefully. Keeping down the food that you eat. Try eating things like salads, Less sandwiches / burgers , & fried foods.

    By salads, I mean light foods ,that won't make U feel full. Drink more water too. Not tea , or alot of milk. Coffee doesn't make you feel full does it ? Try some of these, see if they help you out some . They're just some suggestions that I thought might help.

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