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my mom mad at me? what should i do?

Okay so first of all i needed these headphones for school, and my mom just grabs them and yells no and randomely grabs my hair and pulls me, so i pulled my hair back and defended myself, and she thinks i was about to hit her and got so mad at me and now is ignroing me. My dad yelled at me for doing that and called me an idiot because of my grades, and he is now gonna take my laptop away i already do so much work including kumon and oxford and now he is swearing at me and says im a dissapointment. I try my best for them and they just dont appreciate it i hate them! especially my mom she gets mad at me for no reason and thinks ill hit her and my dad just called me zero a person who isnt good in their school, sports, or anything . I just canrt take it anymore and i dont wanna be with them anymore im 14 btw wut should i do

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    Your only 14 this is normal Being a teenager sucks! All you need to do is do what YOU can to make them happen. Avoid doing the things that narmally gets on their nerves. No matter how much you dislike them remember they love you. They are hard on you so tou can be a strong person when you become an adult teenage hood is the preparation of welcome to the world ouside this home.. trust me its worse. Do as they ask and tell them how you feel and how you can fix the problems. Show maturity and respect and you will get it back

    Source(s): I was 14 once and Im 17 now.. it really pays offi promise
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    just let it all blow over and keep working on bettering yourself. dont worry about what they say. Get a job as soon as you can and start saving up money and look into the emancipation laws in your state.

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    Let them cool down and explain yourself in post sticks and paste it at places they will see

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