Can my boyfriend really go to jail?

- Okay, so I am 15 (Freshman in hiqh school) in the state of Texas . My 'boyfriend' is 19. (Just graduated from the same school last year). I am in love with him & he feels the same . He's a very sweet guy whom sex is not a priority to. He could care less about it. We've been talking for almost a year & my dad just found out a couple months aqo. He threatened to send him to jail or hurt him. He told me it's 'soliciting a minor' . Which its not! He's not encouraging sexual activity & we talk by our own will so it shouldnt be a problem/crime. But my 'boyfriend' is pretty worried & iim looking out for him too just in case. But can he be put in jail? (If so, under what charges?)

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  • 9 years ago
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    He can only get in trouble for "soliciting" a minor if there's solid proof of evidence of a romantic relationship between you. Things that could get him for this:

    1) Kissing (in a romantic way, not on the cheeck)

    2) Talking about having sex in the future- even if he says he'll wait

    If your relationship is completely non-sexual he can't really get in trouble for just talking to you. However, if you're in a relationship that implies that there's something sort of intimate contact (i.e. kissing, speaking romantically) even if it's not sex. If your dad can get evidence that you guys are romantically involved there is a possibility there could be trouble. Saying he is in love with you could be considered soliciting a minor.

    However, I'm from California so the laws could be a little different. There's federal laws that cover everywhere, but I think the little discrepancies vary from state to state.

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    9 years ago

    In the state of texas there can only be a 3 year difference

    So ur pretty much ****** there

    And if there is sexual contact its illigal ur good there

    But the age thing could land him in jail

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  • 9 years ago

    here's the Texas laws for Statutory Rape. He would have to be less than three years older than you, which he exceeds, so he's in violation should your father press charges.

    "Sexual assault for anyone to intentionally or knowingly penetrate a person under age 17, other than his spouse. The actor has an affirmative defense if he is not more than three years older than the victim, who is at least age 14"

    Penalties-"Two to 20 years in prison"

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    4 years ago

    Wow, i presumed my existence became tousled. Sorry, that kind of sounded advise, i think what you definitely ought to do is purely get your self remote from those human beings through fact they look stressing you out. Your boyfriend is obviously sort of violent if he hit him together with his truck and what his stepdad did shouldn't hardship you when you consider that now he's in penal complex. As on your maximum suitable pal, you need to attempt chatting together with her and telling her to tell the certainty yet while she does not desire to then that's her determination if she needs to bypass to penal complex. you need to purely attempt to be there on your boyfriend on a similar time as he's interior the wellness facility and then as quickly as he's extra effectual attempt and discuss with him and make certain if this is properly worth staying mutually while he's inflicting you purely as lots rigidity and soreness and stuff as your ex boyfriend; or maybe no longer, i'm no longer probably particular of the completed undertaking. yet yeah, purely discuss with somebody.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yes your boyfriend can go to jail. You are a minor and he is an adult doesn't matter if you're having sex or not. The thing is your dad is probably just blowing smoke out of his *** to break you up. I seriously doubt he'll go to the authorities.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Theres no proof of either of you two having sex. Just tell your dad the more he controls your life the farther he'll push the two of you apart, or something like that to scare him

  • 9 years ago

    Da perv. He needz to join the Marines rightz away or hez will be gettin his hole bunged in da big house.

  • 6 years ago

    do not worry. even if your dad accuses him, be the witness and explain the truth.

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