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once im a marine...............?

Im headed out to boot camp in july,what are the odds that i'll be sent to Australia once im a marine?where else are marines sent?

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    So far, slim. Youll probably graduate boot camp sometime in October, head back to MCT/SOI 10 days later, and depending on how long your MOS school is, you'll likely arrive at your assigned unit sometime in 2013. Before you leave your MOS School, youll get a "wishlist", where you'll get to name in order the top three places youll like to be stationed. Generally, your choices will be between East Coast, West Coast, or overseas. However, your MOS will determine what unit youll be with, and can either widen or narrow your choices. Typically, choosing West Coast will land you in Hawaii, Camp Pendleton, or Miramar, East Coast yields Cherry Point or Camp LeJune, Overseas will get you somewhere in Japan. Your choices DO NOT guarantee you will end up in that region, but however, act as a guidline for the command if there are openings available. In the end, it comes down to the NEEDS OF THE MARINE CORPS. I dont think the whole Austrailia plan is underway yet, so again, I'd say your choices are slim of landing there. Anywhere you go however, you are able to PCS (Permanent Change of Station) once you've been there for two years.

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    Japan, Guam,California & Hawaii are the more likely Pacific locations. But plans are afoot to do some training down under in the future.

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    You may or may not be sent to Australia. If your unit is selected for a WestPAC tour you'll probably serve some in Australia. Most WestPAC tours include time on Okinawa and with the opening of the base on Australia will include service there soon.

    First Division Marines serve on the west coast, 2nd division on the east coast and 3rd division is based in Hawaii. Units from any of those divisions can de deployed with a MEU or to WestPAC.

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    You will be Deployed with the next MEB to Afghanistan...Africa...Philippine's (all Combat)

    OKI...or any other place there are Marines fighting and/or stationed...

    Type of Ship will depend on your MOS...

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    Are you going to San Diego or Paris Island? If you're going to Paris Island, you won't be sent to Australia.

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