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Which college is better for Investment Banking?

Out of UCLA, USC, and NYU, which would be the best choice for investment banking?

Most thorough answer will be chosen as best.

Thank you.

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  • David
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    9 years ago
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    Some say that where you go does not necessarily matter.

    But those working on Wall Street will tell you the top 5 best business schools for becoming an investment banker are Harvard, Wharton (Upenn), Columbia, Dartmouth and U of Chicago. Wall street banks want the best MBA's from those top east coast schools. From your list, NYU is the closest to these you'll get. Stanford or UC Berkeley if you're on the West Coast.

    Seek internships with Investment banks such as Goldman Sachs (preferred) Hedge Funds either in CT, NY.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    IVY scholars have the income of what's in many situations observed as "the previous boy community". What I mean is that those firms hire many alums of the IVYs, and those men/gals do attempt to help fellow grads..... human nature... however the way of the worldwide. do you opt to artwork in investment banking? marketplace volatility is extreme, interest stress is extreme (leads to a great form of substance abuse problems, broken marriages and so on) and collectively as the $$$ may be truly good, will it carry you inner peace and entertainment? Will you be somewhat happy with that? if so, then get right into a blend BBA/MBA application on the superb college you may (some state faculties are truly good), yet verify that is AACSB approved. before you join, take a seat with their profession centers persons and stumble on how they might assist you. i'm no longer attempting to dissuade you froom that profession, yet I somewhat have witnessed maximum of persons crack that I hate to confirm somebody get into the sector for the incorrect motives and later stay (or no longer) to remorseful approximately it. ultimately, it is your existence, and you're able to make in spite of determination is sweet for you.

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