I'm an adult cam model, how can I improve my private show ratings?

I'm a cam model. This is my first day working as a cam model and I am getting a lot of private shows but when I get them I am not very good at keeping them in there. The longest I kept one in out of about 6-8 was 4.5 minutes. Once you get them into a private show how do you keep them there? Am I rushing into getting naked and playing with myself? How can I improve at this job in order to achieve the best results? Tell me anything and everything you can. It is greatly appreciated.

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  • 9 years ago
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    try playing with different toys,

    try cumming faster and then you'll have them

    try yelling girls love action so anything that has to do with movement

    is this your job? if so, i want to try :)

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    Well, from what I've seen, not all cam models have the same routine. I usually like the ones that smile right away and is being chatty and doing what's asked by the viewer. Wearing something provocative is enough to keep them there. I think playing with yourself right away is also a good idea because the guys who are watching are already horny and that's what they're there for to fulfill their desire. Then talk to them and smile chat with them and make them interested.

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    Keep it Classy, Pretend to be their new girlfriend. The rest is up to them !

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