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I can't believe my daughter is doing this?

Ok, my step daughter is dating this northern yankee from wisconsin that moved here years ago and i don't approve of this. We live in Missouri but my wife and my daughter are from Georgia and they moved here after i met my wife on a dating site. She is currently 18 now and been secretly dating this boy the past 3 years. I have met him and don't like him at all. I see him as a wolf in sheep's skin because i believe he will hurt my daughter and that he lies. This fall he is attending Marquette University in Milwaukee Wisconsin on a full ride scholarship. I never heard of that yankee school and i don't approve my daughter dating someone like him. He probably paid his way into getting accepted to a school because i don't believe he received straight A's in high school. My daughter is going to have a better future than him because she is going to Jefferson College, one of the most prestigious community colleges in the county.

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    your the step father, you have no rights to tell her what to do and who she can date. Anyways, she should be able to date who she wants without parents on her back about it

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    And the quesiton is????? Marquette is a real good school. And if the boy had a "rull ride scholarship" it means he's paying NOTHING, the school wants him bad enough to give him free education. If you cannot control your daughter..... Anyway, long distant relationships don't usually work out well for young people; they meet new people when they get to their colleges and usually find a girl or boy right within reach. And seldom is an 18 year old boy ready to get serious yet. So don't worry so much. My parents jumped on my sister about the boy she began seeing and she went and moved in with him so they forced him to marry her (this was years ago)--and they've had a very unhappy married (for both of them) ever since. Had my parents left her alone, they probably would have gotten tired of each other and probably would have figured out that they were ill-suited for each other.

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    Research the school he apparently goes to. Try and dig up more information about him.

    But remember that your daughter is an adult now and if she's happy with this boy, then let her be happy. But not all relationships last, just remember that. Just because theyre dating now, it doesn't mean that they'll spend the rest of their lives together.

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