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is money more important than love?

I know someone who cant control spending habits,and when I try to discourage,it causes big arguments...

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    nope. Love trumps all.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes it really and truly is. Allow me to explain...

    First you need clarity about in-love vs to-love.

    You are talking about the feeling in-love.

    When we speak of marriage, commitment, et. al. we are talking about the verb to-love.

    If someone is so irresponsible that they cannot live on a budget based on their income then it necessarily means they are >not capable< of the verb to-love. They lack sufficient self-control, sufficient self-worth, etc...

    You have to-love yourself first, get your life in order, produce in excess, and then and-only-then are you capable of loving someone else. If you cannot take care of yourself then someone else has to (or you die of starvation or exposure). You are in no position to extoll resources loving someone else if you are currently failing to love yourself. This extends beyond mundane creature realities and into the emotion and spiritual aspects of life without which you cannot foster and grow a healthy relationship.

    Despite all of that, it is entirely possible to have a crush on someone that is not 'whole' and this will make you feel in-love with them even though they do not deserve it. It won't last. Crushes wear off... unless the undeserved feeling of in-love is replaced and eclipsed by a >deserved< feeling of in-love which is caused by the two people creating a loving (action verb) relationship.

    And if the jackass spends all their money they can't prepare for the future -> 0 love.

    They are an addict.

    You do not need to be filthy rich, you need to be able to live within your means.

    Sometimes that means working two jobs, going to school, putting in tons of overtime, ... sometimes it means not buying a bunch of **** you don't really need, sometimes it means eating rice.

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    If you have to ask the internet... it's probably not that great of a relationship.

  • 9 years ago

    women seem to think so.

    Of course how much of this is 'find the right breeder'.

    ]I'm bitter.[

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