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Can sore breast be a new PMS symptom ?

I have had sore breasts for at least a week now. I'm due for my period in two days. But I NEVER get sore boobs before my period. Is it possible I am developing a new PMS symptom


I know it's normal to get sore breast but i never usually get them. So is it normal to develop new symptoms like that?

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    It's actually very common to get swollen breasts because you were ovulating, your body was getting ready for pregnancy. Now when you get your period, oxytocin while go down. And your breasts won't be swollen. A bunch of other hormones are involved as well like prolactin etc.

    All periods aren't the same so yes, it can be normal. Like one period can be more heavy than another etc. It is also based on your diet and how healthy you are.

    Unless you had sex and you missed your period which might mean you're pregnant.

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    All 3 of my pregnancies my first actual indicators have been soft breast and my nipples harm so undesirable. My areolas replaced in sie and grew to alter into lots darker too. attempt attempt attempt attempt!

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