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How do i get better leg extensions for ballet?

I can do heel stretches just fine and i can pull it righ next my head and even past it, but when i let go it immediately drops. Help?

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    It's means you have the flexibility, but not the strength to hold your leg in position. One thing we did in karate class should help you, just hold your leg up as high as you can for as long as you can before dropping it. It you can take a marker or piece or tape or post it, put a mark on a wall where you can hold you leg up at. This is your starting point, every time you lift your leg it should be at least that high and as you are able to hold it higher, move the mark higher. It will work, it will take time though.

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    Hyper-extension can look beautiful on an identical time as doing battements or leg extensions, yet on an identical time as prestige flat it makes your legs looks bent. i in my view can rather hyper-make extra applicable on an identical time as i'm straightening my legs and locking them, yet i do now no longer attempt to do it continuously. attempt firming your properly-known physique to construct muscle, that would upload quite weight yet will help in ballet and make you extra wholesome. Your weight sounds helpful, possibly quite low. i ought to you will desire to consume protein and carbs no bear in strategies what by reality they provide you with capacity to construct muscle, function, and burn power. additionally, do now no longer forget approximately to envision which includes your scientific professional until now taking off an entire-on eating uncomplicated, by reality they're able to be undesirable on your properly-being.

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