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Question about Maine Coon's appearance?

Do ALL Maine Coons have long hair?

And if they all do, does them having long hair when they are young mean that they are going to have that same hair when they are older?


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    I have a CFA registered purebred maine coon. When I adopted him I assumed the shelter had the wrong card on his cage because it said purebred, but the cat in the cage was short coated. As it turns out, he is in fact maine coon. Apparently they are not *all* long haired. I don't know about kitten coat length as I adopted him at a year an a half. hope that helps. :)

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    9 years ago

    Not all Maine Coons have long hair, I've only owned one short haired purebred Maine Coon. They are still great cats ^_^

    And no, not all the time does the kitten fur determine the adult fur length. My cat had semi shaggy fur but turned out to be a short furred cat with dense fur.

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    With kittens it can sometimes be difficult to tell if it is longhaired or shorthaired, but with some it is clearly obvious they are longhaired.

    My big male I am sure if a Maine Coon mix, he is longhaired, big, yellow and other things that are very Maine Coon like.

    Whilst Maine Coons might not always have long coats it is desired and they should be bred that way.

    A shorthaired kitten may turn out to be longhaired, but rarely if ever to longhaired kittens end up being shorthaired.

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    Yes, they all have long hair and they're born with long hair though the coat fills out as they get older.

    If you have a cat you think is a Maine Coon but don't have a TICA, CFA, ACFA or GCCF pedigreed sorry - it isn't one. Far too many think every tabby cat is a Maine Coon, every cat with an M on its forehead is a Maine Coon, every cat with long hair is a Maine Coon, etc. Less than 3% of cats are any breed at all and you wouldn't have a Maine Coon unless you bought one from a breeder.

    edit: Ilse you're wrong - there's no such thing as a Maine Coon with shorthair. And why are you saying this is a "registered" cat you adopted? Do you have its pedigree? Funny because you call it a "Maine Coon mix" in this question;_ylt=Ak7r9...

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