Being 21 male and a Virgin wrong?

So here's the low down, for a couple years I've told myself I'll just wait to have sex, there is no need to get sex. I always thought a girl (Girl I fell in love with) would like and respect/love me more if I saved myself for here. I ended up meeting this one girl and she and I become friends, she at first said it was kinda cool (I think that was when she had a crush on me) then after a while she told me it was rather lame and most girls wont care if you saved yourself for them, in fact they would be disappointed the first time.

That got me thinking, what is the point of waiting? And I started putting myself down as a virgin, telling myself, most girls wont want to talk to me or date me cuz I'm a virgin. I'm also a shy guy and somewhat scared to talk to women, my friend said maybe if I had sex I wouldn't be as shy around girls. I find women a bit older 30+ are super friendly to me and usually start up topics (i've been told by older women that I'm "hot") so lately due to the attention of older women I really want a cougar, but nothing serious with a cougar.

My question is, if your a girl would you rather have a girl as a virgin? Or would you understand and accept the fact he seeked an older women to "show him the ropes"? And for you guys out there, what would you do? what have you done?

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    9 years ago
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    I don't think that there is anything wrong with that. I am a 20 year old female virgin, and it isn't because I'm a prude or anything, but I just haven't found someone who I want to share it with. There have been times where I thought that maybe I should just get it over with, but then my friends told me that they wish that they had all waited. It is something that in todays society doesn't hold much value (like it used to), and I think it is just fine that you do save yourself. It would be nice to have more guys like you out there

  • 9 years ago

    No Nothing Wrong I Think Its Better Dam I Would Be Lucky To Find one These Days Lol But Its Not Wrong

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    4 years ago

    it somewhat is actual the sexiest high quality a guy could have. MORALS. i think of if the final lady comes alongside she could appreciate which you % to attend quite of sound asleep around like maximum adult men with distinctive women.. you're uncommon in todays society and that makes you specific and im specific any lady could sense fortunate to be your first. adventure in intercourse i assume is significant for some because of the fact often its the guy thats think to renowned what he's doing yet its additionally ok if he does not i mean in the journey that your pleased with being ruled in mattress slightly than i think of you may take care of it properly and so could she. in case you % to take administration of issues than there could be a situation.. Im 0.5 a virgin.. i comprehend it sounds wierd yet what i mean by utilising it somewhat is the actuality the guy i grew to become into with did no longer pass each of how in.. so like im undecided if i nevertheless have my V card or no longer.. reason he did no longer pass each of how in. yet on each occasion somebody asks i tell them the story and that i say im 0.5 a virgin lol. So ya.. =) im 20 additionally and lost 0.5 my virginity lol whilst i grew to become into 19 (2 months in the past) i myself did no longer plan to and that i needed to attend yet issues purely happend and lust have been given interior the way of my "morals" ... yet i stayed a virgin longer than maximum women my age.. so im proud. I nevertheless evaluate myself 0.5 a virgin hahaa

  • 9 years ago

    There's nothing wrong!

    I actually think guys are way hotter when they are virgins.

    Take care ;)

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  • 9 years ago

    nothing wrong buddy, Im 21 male and lost mine about a month ago HI FIVE! :D

    But seriously your fine, Its really not a big deal.

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