URGENT: Skipped period after losing virginity to safe sex?

My last period was on 04/23/12, and the longest I have recently gone in between periods is approx. 35 days. It is not 5/30/12, and I have not gotten my period yet. I lost my virginity on 5/06/12, and proceeded to have sex several times on 5/13/12 and once again on 5/23/12. Every time I've had intercourse we have used a condom in addition to him pulling out and finishing outside of my body. We have also done the "water test" to every condom after the act and none have shown any signs of breakage, leakage, etc. I have taken two pregnancy tests - one last night and one on the 25th - and both were negative. I took the one last night because I was worried I may have taken the first too early, but I have begun to worry again. I have never skipped a period before and I would just like opinions on whether or not this could be a serious issue. Two negative pregnancy tests should seem like a definitive answer but I've heard freak horror stories about getting multiple false negatives before finally finding out about a pregnancy.

Please, could someone calm my nerves by telling me whether or not I'm being crazy?


Truly the only chance of pregnancy, in my mind at least, would be if some pre-ejaculate got on the outside of my vagina prior to us having sex (skin-to-skin contact without a condom but no penetration) and that was subsequently somehow pushed into me by the act. But that seems pretty ridiculously unlikely.

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  • 9 years ago

    It sounds like you have been very safe so I would just relax. The tests are very accurate as well :)

    This type of freak out happen to all girls when they first become active.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    calm down, you're very virtually under no circumstances pregnant. gentle possibility, specific, yet you're being very careful, so do no longer enable rigidity get to you. it is conceivable that commencing a intercourse existence has placed your cycle out of whack from hormonal adjustments. supply it each week, and attempt returned if necessary.

  • 9 years ago

    Buy a test kit at CVS he may have had a premature ejaculation.

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