Feeling sick out of nowhere, please read and its a little funny but seriously worrying me!?

I seriously just crapped myself. Ive never done that before ever. and the worst part, I didnt even realize when it happened. I just happend to have to pee 20 minutes later and suprise. I realize I sh*t myself. really bad too.I had to shower after. My stomace hurts a little, and lately I have been having different soft bowel movements. I also got petechiae recently a sudden burst of them which Ive never had before ever. I Also been feeling light headed at times. but that could be bc I havent been eating normally. I live on my own now so I dont really eat well. Also, something else Ive never had before, headaches. I never get them ever!! seriously. And now Ive been getting them more frequently, not really painful but still. All these things all at once. Im hoping its just all normal and nothing serious as I dont have insurance to see a doctor. My stomach could very well be my period..Although I never get any pain or any changes at all when I get my period..But lately Ive noticed changes....someone please help me with a possible answer. Im worried

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  • 9 years ago
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    dude go to the ****** doctor

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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