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Do you think the declining birth rates in the West are because people are treated like children longer?

People are treated like children into their twenties; they are criticizing for dating in their teens, despite the fact in previous eras they would be married with children at that age.

Sure, we're living longer so what may have been the halfway point of your life previously is now only a quarter of the way. But we haven't extended the window to have children. Menopause still strikes at the same age, and once you reach that the chance of biological children is eliminated.

People no longer have the time to have many kids, especially since they are expected to continue to parent them into their twenties.

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    No. It's the moral decay of our society. People are trying to throw marriage right out the door. Every time one has intercourse (male - female) there is a chance that a human life could be conceived, even if you are on birth control. That is a huge an awesome responsibility. To bring a child into this world. Try to imagine the abandoned children, even those put up for adoption. Their lives have a good chance to suffer immeasurable sadness during their life time. Just by that one selfish act by two individuals could cause an insurmountable amount of pain for that child they did not want. A child need a mother and father, hopefully in a married family to have the best chance to be raised properly, both psychologically and physically. People are selfish. Many opt to abort the child. Heterosexual couples live together without being married and do not want children, just the sex. Homosexuality is in direct contrast to the family unit which existed ever since the existence of man. In order for the species to survive it must reproduce. The family unit is being attacked viciously by our society today especially by the left. Heaven help us. God bless America.

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    people Are not treated like children in there twenties, specially in the west. Are you kidding me?

    I'm from india and here, the population is so damn high is because, on an average every couple have 3-4 kids.

    On an average they get married at the age of 25-30 for men and 22-26 for woman.

    There are no teen pregnancies here. In fact the teen pregnancies rate of the west are higher than the east.

    Its a religious things, having a boy is prestigious here, so they don't stop breeding till they get a boy. Also its religious to have lots of kids. In the muslim religion they have like 7-8 kids on an average.

    Here in the east specially in india, people are treated like children even in their thirties. They stay with their parents and do whatever they say. Because if they didn't they're not being good children.

    They don't get jobs at the age of 15 like in the west or pay for their college or move out.

    Its a cultural thing. And its a good thing that the population rates are lower in the west. There's so much less stress on natural resources, unlike in the east specially in india and china.

    education rates are higher in the west. that is also a major factor. People from the west, don't have children until they know that they can afford them. Unlike in india, china, pakistan etc.

    growing population rates is the major concern here.

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    I will do what I can to help my family the most. For this time and state, that means getting a college degree so my future kids have better opportunities. It also means having fewer kids because my income isn't unlimited.

    I've consciously delayed having kids because I don't want to give that up, and because I want to know my future wife and mother of my children for a long time before they become my ex-wife and start going crazy.

    Nobody I know is criticized for dating as a teen.

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    In classical Greek society, men did not marry and start a family until their late 20s/early 30s. In the 1800s in southern Europe, girls married at 15 or 16. Which is better?

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    I think its more to do with societal trends towards urbanization, secularisation, and improved gender equality. also modern contraception and s.t.d education would have great influences.

    the tendency for children to stay at home longer is, I believe, a direct by-product of improved social structure. we stay longer because we can.

    medical advances can also be seen to contribute. where it was once dangerous to conceive past a certain age bracket, those boundaries are constantly being pushed back as medical procedures and techniques are improved.

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    It could also be because people are more interesting in getting a good career before they settle down and have children. This could take until someone is in their 30's or 40's.

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    Because women work now and want to put off having children til they develop their careers. And sometimes, that means less children.

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    Partly, it's also because as women's rights are promoted, women don't pop out as many babies. Most women don't want to have 9 kids, but many religions believe that it is the women's duty to submit. We are also more educated in certain ways and we know that having a baby isn't always a good idea.

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    Mexicans here are still breeding like rabbits. It's just the white birth rate that's falling because, frankly, most white men are gay.

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