What if I use a 24V 100W Alternator to charge a 12V 36W battery?

I'm trying to figure out a power source for the lights on my MB. I found a 24V 100W electric motor that will be turned by the MB Engine, then used to charge a riding lawn mower battery (12V 36W), will it charge it correctly?


I'm running 12 V lights, and all together 8 Amps. I'm actually using a Motorcycle battery, which is 12V 26W and 8.6 Amps

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    You would boil the cells. Not a healthy idea.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Do them one after the other. you may would desire to make confident they're under pressure out one at a time out of your vehicle. it may be somewhat uncomplicated to construct a circuit that would periodically swap the battery this is charging. on the different hand, you utilize an inverter. or you need to in advantageous condition an auxiliary 24v alternator in case you have have been given room. it may would desire to proportion earth with the vehicle, so which you may would desire to be careful to maintain the stay cord removed from the the remainder of the vehicle wiring. or you need to have the skill to take a 12V AC feed out of your alternator, & feed it by using a 2:a million transformer then rectify it to DC. maximum alternators do no longer provide uncomplicated accessibility to the AC because of fact the rectifier is geared up in. relies upon on how prepared you're at hacking.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    What kind of battery are you trying to charge, and what is the total current draw of all of these accessories?

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