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i have greasy hair, what can i do?

I have had greasy hair since i was about 12. It gets greasy long before the day ends. I wash it once a day with shampoo for normal to oily hair and never use conditioner. I wash it with luke warm/ cold water and don't use any hair products or heat on it. I don't touch my hair or comb it often since it doesn't tangle too easily. I am now 19 and I still have this issue. Is there a possible reason why or is it something I'll just have to put up with? Thanks in advance for your help.


washing hair more then once a day will cause grease build up faster. also heat on hair is damaging it will cause split ends and cause it to be brittle. so either of those are out of the question.

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    Hello Sammi.

    There are many things contribute to greasy hair and here are the things:-

    -Food taken (More on fried and oily food)

    -Lack of drinking clear water (It should be 4500ml a day = to 8-9 glasses)

    -Seldom exercise (Need to be sweat and release the toxin)

    -Seldom doing the scalp scrubbing (Need to get rid of the dead cells)

    -Wrong hair products

    -Using hat/cap often

    -Seldom washing the body & hair towel

    -Seldom washing bed sheet/pillow cover/blanket

    In order for you to solve this,you need to do those things above in a REVERSE way.

    I guess you know what I mean.Also,please go to the salon and ask for a haircut.

    Short or bald (for guy).Good luck.

    Feel free to visit my blog for your hair problem.You may find the solution there.

    Source(s): I am a hairstylist
  • This is going to sound weird, but STOP WASHING YOUR HAIR. The more you strip your natural oils, the more oil your scalp produces to make up for, so the more greasy your hair gets. Its a mean cycle.

    What you should do is get a bottle of dry shampoo and use that instead of washing it. Spray it on liberally at night before you go to bed, so much there might be white residue around your scalp. That's okay! Then just go to sleep and wake up. Your hair will be dirty, but not as oily, and hopefully you can go all day with it like that (maybe sneak off to a bathroom and touch it up)

    then later that night, take your shower. If you normally shower at night, you've gone one whole day without the extra washing. If you shower in the morning, then you've gone half a day. Either way, YAY for you!

    Keep doing that for a few weeks. If your hair doesn't get better, start looking at your diet and the amount of water and other things that typically fix every health and beauty problem


    DON'T TAKE A SECOND SHOWER. You'll be able to dress a salad with your hair oil!

    Source(s): I used to have the same problem, washing everyday, until i got lazy and bought dry shampoo. Now i only wash my hair maybe once every three days.
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    You could start taking 2 showers a day or start using conditioner too but only on the ends of your hair or you could get a stronger shampoo and conditioner for oily hair

    Source(s): I had it too
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    Put baby powder in your hair. Mix it in and your hair looks clean, and you can't see the powder.

    And I know this sounds crazy, but if you dye or bleach it, or maybe start straightening it (heat damaging it in any way) it could stop your oils. My hair was really bad when I was around 13 and damaging it stopped it from being so oily.

    Also, wash your hair with dawn dish soap, and don't use conditioner.

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    i have the same problem! shampoo your hair twice or even three times in the shower and maybe start to use a dry shampoo but i wouldnt really reccomend it because they contain gasoline. also you can use the baby powder trick and just sprinkle a little bit on your head then brush it out this usually helps me:)

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    Well if your a guy, then I don't think there's much you can do because it's just your body's natural oils coming out. Best thing for that is pretty much to keep it short, like above the ears short..

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    I had that problem for a week.. And What i did was Shower twice , Comb , Dry , then Straighten it...

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    okay so go to your hairdresser and ask for there opinion it ccould be that your ot conditioning it what i do and my hair never gets greasy is shampoo two times and condition once its what my hairdresser told me to do :)

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    Try hot water, and both shampoo and conditioner.

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    You'll have to start taking a second shower.

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