Getting reported for name calling?

In the bus a girl overheard me calling her a cow and fat. Yes I know Im a jerk. Anyway she went home and didnt eat for a week. Her mom wants to report me. If she does and can.. What would happend and how do I get in trouble? Im in High Shool

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  • 9 years ago
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    First of all, that was a very rude and immature thing to do. I'm not trying to lecture you, but stop calling people names. It doesn't make you cool. If you know you're bein' a jerk, then stop being a jerk!

    That aside, I'm here to help. If she stopped eating for a week because of ONE comment, obviously she had some other issues before this happened. People don't do things this drastic because of one high school jerk. This girl has probably been bullied a lot for her weight, or has had issues in her childhood linking to her appearance. (all the more reason you shouldn't make fun of her!)

    Soo, number one- you won't get in trouble with the law. The school will probably be mad at you, might have a talk with you, might write you up or suspend you. Depends on your school. But this is really not a police issue.

    Second of all, stop making fun of people and you won't have this problem! You gotta grow up, girls don't like bullies!

  • RedNek
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    9 years ago

    There is really nothing that can be legally done. Her mother can complain to school officials, they'll tell you to stop talking about her. That's about it unless you continue and the comments are directed to her, then she can get several complaints on you, that'll prove 'Harassment', then she can call the police. If it was only one time all she can do is call the school. The girl should really have 'thicker skin'! If she got that upset because you said she was fat, maybe she's concerned with what YOU think of her.

  • Olwe
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    9 years ago

    The school resource officer might have a word with you about it but that is about it.

  • 9 years ago

    Nothing will happen.

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